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Monday, September 27, 2010

magic baby pills


Sara – you absolutely cracked me up with your comment and put the fire under my butt I needed to write a new post!

She wrote this comment on the blog today:

“WHERE ARE YOU?!! I need an update, please!! I'm living vicariously through you and I need to know how things are going! :) Hope you're well! Can't wait for an update!”

Here’s the update you wanted but probably not the one you or I were hoping for!


As for the magic baby pills: I haven’t found them yet – but I’m still looking ;)

Every time I turn around, I’m finding more and more information on vitamins and herbs. One pumps up your immune system, another builds strong bones, this one is good for your cholesterol health… I’m sure you know the drill.

Over the past year, I’ve been falling farther and farther down the vitamin/herb rabbit hole.

My husband says I’m killing myself – not that he’s done any research himself.

I started taking a multi vitamin and a separate calcium supplement in my teens.

Steadily, I’ve added more onto the regimen, including switching from a regular multi-vitamin to a pre-natal vitamin. I now take 7 different supplements in the morning and 6 at night.


*Disclaimer: I have some great medical connections in my life that have all reassured me that I’m not overdoing it. And if my husband were actually worried about what I was taking, I assure you that he wouldn’t let me continue on without a fight ;)

So here they are in all their glory:



5-HTP, Vitamin C, Calcium, B-12, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, B-6, Acidophilus, and Immune Boost

{not pictured – my prescription prenatals and DHA – I couldn’t let y’all see my real name yet now could I?!}


My reasonings:

Prenatal plus DHA: if you don’t know the importance of this multi-vitamin with high folic acid and the role of DHA in your and your future fetus’ health, do your research - pleeeeease!

Fish oil: cholesterol preventative.

Calcium plus D: bone and circulatory health.

B-12: several important reasons along with the feeling that I don’t eat enough meat, which is a main source of B-12. {I’m a junk foodie!}

Acidophilus: great for digestive regulation as well as warding off yeast infections, especially if you begin an antibiotic course for any reason.

B-6: great for a healthy immune system. There’s also evidence that support B-6 as an aid to fertility, lengthening the luteal phase (the total number of days between ovulation and the first day of the menstrual cycle) and increased levels may even help prevent or lessen morning sickness! In the meantime, while I’m still without child, B-6 is also suppose to decrease premenstrual symptoms. {Your welcome, Hubs!}

Evening Primrose Oil: a new one I’m taking since the TTC journey began. It can improve blood circulation, improving uterine health benefiting fertility, and even increase fertile quality cervical fluid. Also, improving premenstrual symptoms as well!! {This herb can cause uterine contractions, so I discontinue it after ovulation in case of pregnancy and start back up after menstruation.}

The “5-HTP” and “Immune Boost” are supplements I received for free and which I’m alternating taking. After the bottles are empty – I won’t be going out of my way to buy more. But I’d gladly take more for free. Ha!

The newest in TTC: Vitex!

{a.k.a. chaste tree berry, Agnus castus, monk’s pepper}

There are lots of studies involving this one for fertility and decreasing PMS, even ridding acne!

{This is another that is recommended to discontinue once you find out your pregnant.}


**2nd Disclaimer – I’m not recommending that any of you follow my lead besides taking a great multi-vitamin. I’ve done my research and decided what was best for me. Please do the same for yourself when making a decision to take any type of medications including vitamins and herbs.


Another reason I’ll be overjoyed to get a positive HPT – I’ll probably be cutting back to just the prenatal and DHA. Which will be SooOOoOoOoO much easier!!

I’d love to hear about any supplements or dietary steps any of you have taken while TTC, please.


In other news…

We are now onto cycle #3 :(

{Ignore my crumpled BBT chart – it’s had a few rough days.}



The temps taken in pen that aren’t as dark as the permanent marker are mornings I slept in and were adjusted according to the time/temp rule.

It looks as if I ovulated around day 20 and had about a 12 day luteal phase – all very good news!

Like I mentioned on the last post, I got a positive from both the urine ovulation test sticks and the saliva scope, so I’m staying positive that all is well.

It does suck to feel like you did everything *perfectly* and still no dice.

I know that when it’s our time, however it may occur - adoption or biologic, we will become parents. I find it overwhelmingly comforting that it is all in God’s hands and that his plans and thoughts and ways are infinitely better than ours and beyond our grasp of what we *think* should be.

Still making the very, very best of our time *not* expecting yet – the baby bucket list is still going strong!!

Which reminds me – I’m definitely due a sushi dinner soon ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

nothing to report… until now!


I have seen the *most exciting two pink lines of my life!

*Hopefully they will be followed by two MUCH more exciting pink lines in the following weeks.

If you’re a veteran out there, you probably know what I’m talking about. They weren’t the heart stopping two pink lines of a home pregnancy test… but rather the two pink lines of an ovulation test.

I’m beyond THRILLED!

In case you haven’t been following since the beginning of this little blog OR you’ve just forgotten, {how dare you forget what cycle day I’m on?!… haha} but this is only my second cycle trying to conceive as well as only my second cycle off of birth control. I didn’t use the ovulation tests last cycle and my temperature chart was a mess and most likely indicated that I did not ovulate:

temp chart

I mean SERIOUSLY.. what is THAT suppose to tell me? Possibly the blueprint to a really cool new roller coaster, but not the chart of a perfectly normal, fertile young lady. Very unladylike indeed!

After last cycle, I chalked it all up to the unpredictable first month off of birth control, kept my attitude positive with help from the hubs and soldiered on to try again this cycle. This time, hoping the unpredictable first month did not turn into an unpredictable 3 months off of birth control… or longer. Thoughts of PCOS and the inability to ovulate kept floating through my mind which I tried to kick out as soon as possible. Stressing over the unknown wasn’t going to help anything and I try to keep my thoughts with the most positive possibility of any given situation.

We’re only halfway through the second cycle and already we’re seeing much more exciting news than last time!

For one – my temperatures have remained more constant this cycle, the first encouraging sign I’ve noticed. Not jumpy and ridiculous looking like last time, only slightly so on the mornings I slept late or got up unusually early. Even then, when applying the rule of “deducting 1/10 of a degree for every 30 minutes slept later than usual or vice versa”, the chart is looking – dare I say? – pretty normal.

Next encouraging sign, as I already mentioned, the holy grail of TTC occurred: a positive ovulation test.

That was only just today – so we’ll see if I get the follow up temperature spike that indicates ovulation did actually happen after the LH surge that caused the positive. No clue what I’m talking about? I’ve learned lots today just stalking PeeOnAStick.com. Very informative and I love all the well documented pictures. I had already learned more than my fair share of information about pregnancy tests in the past, but ovulation tests are very new to me and extremely different from a HPT.

Now even MORE good news!

Not only did I get the verification I needed from the urine tests but… wait for it…

Waaaaaaaaiiit for it…

Are you really ready for this?

The saliva scope actually WORKS!

{I talked about using this crazy contraption before.}

Are you frickin’ surprised? Most of you should be if the last question poll was any indication as nearly NO ONE recommended it or said they had used it. I can’t say it is 100% reliable since this is the first time I’ve used it or that I would ever trust it SOLELY, but an additional confirmation of ovulation is more than coveted when you’re trying, grasping for any hint as to what’s going on down there. The past couple days it has shown the most gorgeous fern pattern I have ever seen, indicating impending ovulation a full 24 hours BEFORE the urine test!!! I know I’m getting crazy when I keep going back to look at the the most gorgeous saliva I’ve ever seen – ha!

I can’t figure out a way to sneak a picture of it inside that tiny eye piece, but it’s been text book according to these slides this month, with the “fertile” picture starting yesterday:

Isn’t science amazing?

I’m also paying attention to cervical fluid as well – text book this month too. Can I get a HALLELUJAH from the choir?!

Even better – hubs and I both ended up having to go out of town for work – and thank the good Lord above – ovulation seems to have waited till we were once again united. What a magical coincidence♥

We are BOTH so excited that even the “we need to do it NOW!” urgency has been a blast. We’re having FUN trying and have surprisingly, become closer than ever. We’re in it together and it’s lovely. I can’t say I’m surprised that he’s enjoying all the extra R rated fun, but I am blown away at his genuine excitement over pee sticks and saliva scopes – he’s actually pumped we can tell ovulation is here! {Even if it is only one tenth of my excitement – that’s still A LOT =)} And no male freak outs yet, major brownie points.

I’ll keep you updated on the crazy drama of cycle number two. So far, so good!