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Thursday, July 22, 2010

So it begins!

Welcome to my secret {for now!} blog about all things conception-pregnancy-baby related. You may have arrived here through a little comment left by yours truly… someone you probably “know” in the blog-world, but because of multiple reasons, isn’t ready to show her true self in this new hopeful-mama-to-be capacity just yet ;)

This is the place where I will recount the conversations that lead us to go forward toward parenthood, the highs and lows we'll face, the big decisions, what I've learned from my own successes and failures, the he-said/she-said, and the emotional roller coaster that I'm sure is soon to follow! {and I would never leave out the truck-loads of shopping fun to ensue shortly after the BFP!}

Hopefully, Lord willing, I'll be arriving in 'the hood' - the mommyhood - soon enough. IF and WHEN that day arrives and once the family has been informed - *Maybe* Baby Mama will finally be free to introduce myself - and to make THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on my OTHER blog that we're expecting! =)

Did I mention you will be the FIRST to know the big news? I’m not holding back here, peeps. This is where I’ll blab MONTHS before the more appropriate time to tell the rest of the world. Only me, YOU, and the hubs shall know for quite a while! {That’s why I need this blog – to BLAB!}


Here’s the little about myself I can share with you at the moment:

My husband and I are both professionals in our mid-twenties, finally "ready" to start a family. As an established addicted blogger for several years now, it was killing me not to write about this wonderful new chapter in our lives on my original blog... so new, ANONYMOUS blog it is!

We began talking about having children almost a year ago, but never pin-pointed a “good time” for baby-making till a couple of weeks ago. Over a phone call while Hubs was out of town, a random comment of mine sparked the “let’s make a baby!” conversation that we’ve never turned back from since. Two days ago, I made the leap – I quit birth control! And so our story begins…


And the low-down – my reasons for the temporary anonymous status:

#1)    My hubs and I have just decided to begin the journey down this road toward parenthood, however long it may be. If we told people we were “trying”, I assure you it would be accompanied with many an awkward conversation… and while writing this blog isn’t keeping it exactly quiet – I’m attempting to stay anonymous till the time comes to let the good news slip.                                                                                                                     

#2.)    We aren’t expecting yet and not knowing when that time may come – I would rather not deal with the questions from people in my day to day life on "whether there’s any news yet”… especially if news is not the best, drudging it up over and over would be a little too much for me to handle.

#3.)    I have had many a daydream of how we will tell our family and friends the joyful news of when we’re “with child”. The plan for the time being is to wait till the end of the first trimester, the iffy weeks, to get them all excited.

#4.)    My husband and I are giddy with excitement about even deciding it’s a good time to procreate =) We’re constantly talking about the future, making jokes, referring to the dog as a future sibling… and it’s some of the sweetest, most cherished couple time I will ever have with him. I love this private secret just between us {okay, okay… and anyone out there who decides to read this!} and I’m going to try to keep it a secret for the time being so it remains so precious and cherished. I want to remember this feeling shared between us for the rest of my life – and this blog should help me do just that!

#5.)    TMI: too much information. There will be LOTS of that on this blog! I’m going to be 100% REAL around here – whatever should arise, I want to be free to talk about it and hear from others about their experiences as well. I don’t want to be censored because I’m afraid of whomever in my life reading the nitty-gritty. Hopefully, I’ll have some time before the big reveal to figure out how to handle that one!

#6.)    Amazingly enough – I’ve managed to keep this new blog of mine, the whole one post and all, {*sarcasm*}, a complete secret from the baby-daddy. I’m planning to keep it that way until he’s informed he is actually a confirmed baby-daddy to be =) {I need your brainstorming help to find the absolutely most creative way to tell him! I mean, hey… he got to plan the marriage proposal – this is my fun surprise!} Of course he knows “it’s” in the works, but he also knows I’m not the kind to run blabbing it all as soon as I pee on a stick – I’m far too sneaky for that!

*Updated*: I let the hubs in on this newest blog of mine around the second post I wrote! hA! It’s near impossible for me to keep a secret – it’s a down right MIRACLE I haven’t told anyone else! =)



Hopefully you got an idea from all my blabber what this blog will actually entail with a few of the logistics of my situation mixed in.

I'd love to have you follow along for the much needed advice I'm sure to be soliciting almost daily from those in the know, as well as those already members of ‘the hood’. Hopefully, with your help and input, this site may become a great reference for any girl out there about to be or already in the family way.


Is it just me, or does this all seem so dang'ed exciting?!