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Sunday, August 1, 2010

baby bucket list


I am so thankful for each and every comment and each and every person who has decided to follow along on our journey! I was already a little too excited about this blog idea, but having the most supportive friends along for the ride and ladies who are in the same boat or ’been there, done that’ – I’m over the moon. To be completely serious, just seeing how many participated in our poll on the sidebar made me giddy ;)

Anonymous and secretive isn’t my thing – I can keep friends’ secrets, but my own secrets seem to sit atop my head like a sign with flashing lights, greeting people before I even open my trap. OH MY STARS, imagine my surprise that I have kept this blog from my husband for over a frickin’ week! {Doesn’t seem like much, I know. Take my own surprise as a hint of how surprised you should be…} He may figure it out by finding the link on my computer or snooping my iPhone – but my plan is to not tell him before the *hopeful* positive.

As a side note – I hope I don’t disappoint a few of you out there when my identity is revealed. Plenty of you said you were pretty positive you knew my identity. Many of you, I’m sure, are right on the money. But a few of you – I invited because I found your blog through my own followers who followed YOU as well… and then you too left a comment that you thought you may ‘know’ who I am. I apologize in advance for misleading anyone, but not wanting to blow the surprise, I can’t straighten you out right now ;) PLEASE, stop reading now if you can’t handle the let down!

AND NOW: I’m ready to start letting every tiny conception/pregnancy/delivery/baby/child/nursery/parenting obsessed thought fly. Let’s get to it!


The Baby Bucket List

You probably know what a regular ol’ bucket list is; a list of things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’. Though I’m not comparing having a baby to kicking the bucket… we all know opening a new chapter closes another. We also know there’s a whole list of no-no’s during pregnancy and that life is pretty darn different for everyone involved post-delivery. Seeing that this *hopeful* child-to-be is planned, I’m taking this opportunity to plan a few other things that I’d like to get done pre-conception as well as pre-baby.

{While I came up with this to-do list on my own long ago – the name “baby bucket list” was completely stolen from Baby Makin’ Machine! I love it. Much better than the un-original “baby to-do” list I would have come up with on my own.}

So what’s on mine?

Pre-bump {before conception}:

  • painting – furniture, walls, and anything else that will stand still. I haven’t looked into how much you’re not supposed to do while pregnant, maybe it’s just walls, maybe you can paint furniture if you’re in a well ventilated area – not sure. Just aiming to get everything out of the way I can while still possible as I know the “honey-do list” will be reaching an all-time high just before baby.
  • the thrilling stuff –  white water rafting, sky-diving, roller coasters, trampoline gymnastics… if it’s fun and off-limits during pregnancy – I’m going to try to fit it in!
  • food, food, and more food – I looked this one up… there’s not too much off limits during pregnancy when it comes to food consumption, but I know me, as soon as you say “you can’t”, it’s all I can think about. I’ll try to eat as much sushi, “over-easy” eggs, deli meats, blue cheese, and mass amounts of caffeine as I can until then. {For real though – trying to cut down the caffeine intake before then to avoid any type of withdrawal. Thankfully, I don’t consume too much.}
  • long dips in the hot-tub – I don’t even have one, but if there’s a chance to jump in one pre-baby bump, count me in.
  • dental care, x-rays – whatever the case, if it it’s something that would be swell and dandy to get done ahead of time and must be avoided while with-child, I’m attempting to get it done.
  • get into shape – and not just any shape, a nice strong shape, a.k.a. muscles... I need muscles, people! I’m weak, extremely weak in the arm area especially. How am I supposed to tote baby, car seat, AND a fabulous diaper bag with these scrawny arms??? I can’t. Thus, “project mommy muscles” has begun. This also includes pumping up the all important abdominals needed to push baby out, as well as making the the recovery and return to pre-baby shape hopefully a tad easier.


Pre-baby {during pregnancy}:

  • saving money – impossible, but I will definitely attempt to do my best not to devastate our funds too much. There’s plenty to buy: maternity clothes, baby clothes, necessities, furniture, decor, there’s a list a mile long that could suck every penny out of our retirement/college fund. As long as it’s not a used crib or used diapers, I’m open to it. Consignment, yard-sale, Craig’s list – I’ll do my best to search them all before deciding to buy new.
  • continuing to work out. I’ll figure out what I’m allowed to do when the time comes.
  • healthy eating – not just for me anymore!
  • couple time. Very important to build the strongest bond and become a solid united front with Hubs before the baby has us taking sides. Physically, spiritually, emotionally – we’re good but I wanna be great. Thankfully, this is fun work! Trying for baby has already added more fun to the relationship ;)
  • baby-moon. Not sure where or when, I just know we have to take a trip before baby – I’m dreaming of exotic beaches while storing up lots of late morning sleep.


The great thing about the pre-bump list is it’s ability to help me get through the months until a positive. With every negative, I’ll try to think of the things I’m still able to to do and get done while feeling more accomplished. I’ll be thinking of things to add to both lists, especially if takes longer than planned to get that positive!

Can you think of anything I’m leaving out – did you do anything “baby bucket”-like or think of anything you want to or wish you did before the blessed D-day?

I’d love the input!

Much love and luck♥


  1. add the painting to your prebaby list so your hubby can do it while you lay in the pool to avoid the paint fumes!! ;)

    seriously, looks like you have a lot of great ideas! good luck!

  2. such great ideas for your "baby bucket list"! I love how your prepared and you are already getting into Momma shape!

  3. That is a great bucket list.

    And I have no idea who you are. I find your blog through a post you left on someone else's blog. This journey should be exciting!

  4. These are all great! On my list before a baby was: running a marathon (did it. painfully.), and traveling to Europe (awesome). I think anything you can do with your husband that will be harder to do with your husband AND a baby, is something to put on the list!

  5. I also found your blog on another blogger's and I think this is so creative and cool!! I'm excited for you :)

  6. This is a great list!! And I'm pretty sire I know who you are too. Very curious!!! When will you do the reveal?

    Since our pregnancy was a surprise of sorts I didn't have a baby bucket list. But I did loose 8 pounds the month before I conceived and I was so glad I did. Get as healthy as you can now and start taking a prenatal and a fish oil!!

  7. I am very curious as to who you are and if it's someone I follow which is highly unlikely considering most of them are currently pregnant.

  8. The list is great, I'm excited to find your blog we're starting to try for another kiddo soon too! Don't worry about the arm muscles I didn't have much when I had mine but they don't come out weighing 20lbs so as baby grows so do your muscles! O and those abs get stretched out and lost by the end of the pregnancy so work out to bounce back faster. Your body will take care of everything, it was made for it!

  9. Hmmm a mystery. I might have an idea who you are, if you are someone I have read before. But, if you aren't, ignore this! :)

  10. This might be TMI and I'm sorry if it is...but in the baby making process, have FUN with your positions and places, because once you're past a certain stage in the pregnancy, you'll be stuck in very few positions (or some women just stop sex all together for the last 2 months) because it's too darn uncomfortable!!

  11. I'm so excited for you! I remember the moment my hubby and I decided to start trying! Good luck ::blowing lots of baby dust your way:: Oh and I'm pretty sure I know who you are and once you reveal it to everyone, I'll let you know how I figured it out. Good luck and I love the Bucket List! :)

  12. I'm not sure if I know who you are or not but I think this blog's a fun idea! The list was a great one too, I might have to think on one myself :-)

  13. Ask family and frinds if you can look after a teenager for at least 3 months with no going back to mom.then remember the first 10 years are EASY it gets rough after that .You dont sleep cos they are out on the road. You dont know who with and if you ask questions ,they NEVER answer politly.They dont clear up after themselves dont help at home And that are the easy ones . My advice is keep you money and enjoy your life.

  14. Looks like you have thought of everything! What a great list!

    This is so exciting to me. It's like reading a chapter of a great book! Look forward to every post!

  15. I thought I had an idea...but really, I have no clue who you are! Such an exciting journey! It's good that you are planning so well, I was surprised with my first.

  16. Just got your comment, and I have no idea as to your real identity...this is fun though. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm following you and hope you'll swing by my blog again. Though I can't offer much help or advice, it's been a great ride being a first time parent this past year and would hope that everyone that wants to, could experience a joy like this at some point! Looking forward to reading...Best to you!

  17. I just got your comment and have no idea as to your real identity but this is fun and I am hooked. I am following and I hope you stop by again soon.

  18. Fun bucket list, I found you from another comment on a blog, so I guess I'll join in the fun too! How exciting. I hope everything works out just great!

  19. Hey! A baby bucket list! I should have done one of these... TOOO Late! Mine are 3 and 6. *Sigh*

    If I could ad something more to your list it would be more books. It's never to early to start showing them board books. And.... I have written a book that you should include in your library...since you asked! :)

    Check it out at www.bingoadventures.com. Thanks and congrats on your baby!

  20. So excited to be following this journey with you! :) Love the Baby Bucket list!

  21. I think I know I think I know I think I know!
    Maybe Baby Blog follower bucket list...
    Bookmarked and following!

  22. You can actually eat some of the foods you listed - caffeine up to 200mg a day (and a diet coke has only 40mg, so while I've mostly cut it out I still have one a day every once in a while), deli meat if it is heated, lots of cheese is still safe, as is cooked sushi (from a reputable restaurant) - so I'd add drinking good wine to the list in place of the food, as that's one thing that totally goes away (assuming it was your cup of tea, or rather alcohol, to begin with!)

    Plus once you get pregnant you never know what cravings/aversions you'll have so you may not miss the food that much anyway! :)

  23. I just found your blog and can't wait to follow your journey:) I have a 5 month old son and having him is the best thing in the world!

  24. Hey! I was looking around for ideas for my own baby bucket list and wanted to thank you for the inspiration! I love your blog...mine is a little pre-pre-conception so not quite where you are yet...will be interesting to see how your journey goes...best of luck!!