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Saturday, November 13, 2010

new baby makin’ game plan

I love all the advice and I don’t think there’s a piece of it I wouldn’t consider doing!

Let me just tell you that the title of this post makes me want to roll my eyes and laugh at myself. I just keep thinking of the old adage, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Which makes me not really want to do anything, just kick back, relax and let it happen when it happens.

Then I think of another adage, “God helps those who helps themselves” and it gets me back scheming myself into being ‘in the family way’.

{Besides, I sure as heck ain’t the Virgin Mary, which means He at least expects the Hubs and I to do our part of the equation, even if that means the game plan boils down to only ‘doing the deed’…}

So if I were making a new plan, the newest addition was going to be the pregnancy diet {yes, you can laugh now} - limiting my sugar and simple carbohydrate intake, increasing complex carbohydrates, fiber, fruits and veggies, as well as incorporating one serving of full fat dairy a day. {Hello Haagen-Dazs!} All little dietary changes that are begininng to have some scientific background to them – I think this article summarizes the Harvard research quite well if you’re interested or think I’ve gone off the deep end.

I don’t really have weight to lose, but my diet could use a major overhaul. {Hello, my name is ____ and I’m a junk food-aholic.)

I had good intentions to majorly cut the junk food out of my diet and did for a few days. But then… Halloween came and went. Plenty of goodies around the house, which got even worse at work when people brought their leftover trick-or-treat candy. {This girlfriend didn’t bring one piece of candy to work – HELLLLOOOOO??!! What is wrong with these people? Why wouldn’t you be addicted to sugar?!}

Thanksgiving is practically tomorrow and Christmas will come as quickly as next weekend – no one I know would believe that I could cut back on the sugar on any day of the year, not to mention this sugar coated time of year. It’s my equivalent to an alcoholic bartender – it just doesn’t work.

The third old adage of the night: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

So it may not be the best time of year to cut the sugar out of this junk-foodaholic’s diet. I have cut back on caffeine, limiting my one large cup of coffee only on the mornings when it feels the most possible that I may not make it through the long work day without it. I’ve also, begrudgingly, fit in a few full fat dairy products =)

I’d love to try acupuncture sometime, as well as start doing yoga, but have yet to feel too much need to cross those bridges. My stress levels have plummeted lately from what they were this summer, though I expect life will always hold its stresses. {It’s important for me to mention that I haven’t felt hardly any stress related to conceiving – it’s primarily work and the normal life stresses – which I am, HAPPILY, learning to cope much better with!}

So the “plan” this month, which is quickly coming close to an end, turned into just letting go and enjoying… and I truly have!

We’ve kept busy with lots of excitement, which seems to be growing as we get into the holidays. My vitamins have been cut down to only the prenatal and DHA. This was not on purpose – just due to laziness and the new relaxed me who was hating the OCD ritual of dividing up the vitamins in weekly pill boxes.

I admit, that was pretty obnoxious…

Did I mention that this month, I actually ovulated on the magical 14th day?!

Could it be my lucky month?



  1. Oh I pray it is YOUR month! I am loving following your journey to being a mommy!!!!!!!!

  2. It might just be your lucky month! Good luck! Blowing baby dust your way! :)

  3. I think you're on the right track of not being so obsessive about getting pregnant and relaxing more. My OB told me this same very thing less than a week ago. I'm a high risk patient for various reasons so I can't do this whole "surprise" thing unfortunately (and sadly). So I need lotsa labs, etc, etc. Long story. And timing for me (not ovulation-wise, but pregnancy-wise) isn't just tied to the whole idea of *being* pregnant, but also changing around medications, doing extra tests, etc. That said, I am trying to talk myself out of making this all a big deal. And that's the biggest advice my OB gave me. He says I shouldn't have a calendar, I shouldn't plot anything, I shouldn't use ovulation kits, nothing. He said pregnancy is supposed to be a "natural" thing. No dieting, nothing. That said, of course, there are a million and one ways to "help" yourself, like you said: kits, kaboodles, timing, sex frequency, Clomid, electrical stimulation, things for increasing sperm count etc. I'm not saying doing them is wrong, but it's certainly not relaxing or "fun" per se. I know that getting pregnant is a super important thing and you want it NOW, but you can't hurry nature. I mean this seriously in a good way and I totally see how you are probably reading this as a condescending comment. I wish you ALL the best, seriously, but I feel like (perhaps) you're itching SO bad to post good news that it adds to the pressure of the whole thing. (I could be wrong there, too). Try maybe shifting your life focus a little. Focus on something TOTALLY different and maybe it will relax you and things will work. It's kind of like finding the love of your life: once you stop looking, you find him!

    Anyway, I hope I didn't offend you, but I was just passing on what my OB told me from his 12 years of experience at a great teaching hospital. I am waiting for happy news and will keep you in my prayers. :))))

  4. Hoping that this is your month! And yes, I always laugh at myself too, when I have some big plan in place.. I just know God is shaking head and laughing at me!! :)

  5. I am praying for you! I have started to think that way too and what I need to change from my diet to help! I don't know if this helps but I am in the same boat..

  6. You are so funny! I do enjoy reading your posts. I just remember all too well trying all of the "tricks". It always got to me when I thought about all the people in the third world countries that keep popping out kids and they don't even eat. Much less take vitamins, exercise, count ovulation days etc. Just made me so mad that we try to hard to get pregnant and they just seem to do it so easily. {enough of my rant}. I know I have told you before, but I'll say it again... It'll happen when you least expect it. Just when you are giving up and you KNOW that it's NOT that month... that will be the month :)