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Monday, December 20, 2010

“barely pregnant”


“Barely pregnant”, but… I’m pregnant!!!


While I’m pretty sure you already knew that by the many congratulations on the last post that warmed my heart and soul, {THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!}, I really can’t believe it myself and I think I’ll just have to say it a few million more times before it will actually sink in.


It doesn’t help my non-belief of my current pregnant status when my first doctor appointment was such a total BUST.

To preface this story: I formerly had a WONDERFUL gynecologist who I loved immensely. Then this year, THE year I planned on procreating, I got a letter from her office letting me know she was moving 8 states away. The woman who I trusted and had developed a great doctor/patient relationship with and who I was excited to have deliver my children, MOVED.

Total bummer.


Her letter recommended another doctor in the same building and I decided to take her recommendation when I found myself pregnant last week without a clue who I would be seeing over the next 9 months. I called the office only to schedule the first appointment, which I assumed would be around 8-12 weeks.

I was sort of right. The first doctor appointment was scheduled for 8 weeks, {January 17th can’t come soon enough!}, but the receptionist said they had started doing immediate first visits with the nurse to confirm the pregnancy and to talk over a few educational points – what to eat/not eat, prescription for prenatal vitamins, etc.

I even asked a couple of times - “Really? Isn’t this kind of early? I just got a positive test yesterday…” and the receptionist assured me it wasn’t anything big, just that they like to get the blood work done and get everyone on the right track early on.

I wasn’t going to argue. I adored the prospect of a blood test confirmation and someone else saying those magic words to me: “You’re pregnant.”


Though it didn’t actually happen that way.


Instead, I waited over an hour to be called back, only to be weighed and asked to pee in a cup. When the nurse came into the room, she asked hesitantly if I had got a positive pregnancy test at home…

I told her yes and immediately began to silently panic. I had sort of half expected someone to tell me I was crazy and not actually pregnant. My fears were coming true.


Paranoia. It’s kind of my thang, ya see?


She told me their urine test was negative {MUCH MORE panic} but that a lot of home pregnancy tests were more sensitive then theirs.  She sent me down to the lab for a blood test and then ordered a return visit for Monday (today) for a follow up blood test to make sure the HCG was increasing as it should.

I left the office ready to vomit and pissed that I had even come in. I could have been home, excited to be pregnant and enjoying my day off. Instead, I wasted tons of time getting ready, driving in the crazy Christmas traffic, and waiting forever in a busy waiting room just to to have a 30 second appointment to hear the gut wrenching news that I might not actually be pregnant.

I had just taken my fourth “cheap” pregnancy test that morning just to see if the line was any darker over the past 3 days {it was} and the doctor’s office’s tests still weren’t strong enough to see even the faintest line?! I felt like I was getting punk’d and it was not funny.

Two nerve racking hours later, I got the call from the same nurse that the blood test had came back positive with a HCG of 101 – ‘just barely pregnant’ as she put it.

Barely pregnant? Seriously?! An HCG of 101 should be picked up on ANY urine test, especially at the OB’s office – right?

My feathers were ruffled but I WAS STILL PREGNANT and focused solely on that very important point. The nurse had actually been sweet to me the entire time, even if I wasn’t particularly fond of her pee stick reading abilities.

Life goes on and Hubs and I went out for our celebration dinner date and had a great night as future parents♥


This barely pregnant lady was HUNGRY and enjoyed every bit of this lobster tail and shellfish!


{I pledge to not continue overdoing it and end up 300 pounds at 9 months…}


I learned later that weekend that I probably shouldn’t indulge in quite so much shellfish… how was I to know? I didn’t get my “educational appointment” =)

HCG today? Well over 400!! Progressing very well, the same nurse said.

Bring on that January ultrasound!!


P.S. - To answer some of your questions – I won’t be revealing my identity for a few more weeks. {Sorry!} I CANNOT let our families find out the good news through the internet, so it’s a no-go until I break the news to them first… which I’m thinking I won’t feel confident enough to do until around 10 weeks along {Hubs agrees on the timeline!}

How nice it would have been to tell them we’re pregnant at Christmas… but I’m thinking it’s extremely nice just to be pregnant at Christmas! We haven’t told a soul yet. It’s been extremely sweet just to have this time together with such a precious secret between us. We are soaking it up!!


  1. I'm thrilled for you!! I can't wait to hear about your symptoms during the 2 week wait...just curious....ahem :)

  2. Awesome news! Your prayers have been answered. We should thank God every for blessings like these!

  3. Seriously, that fertility mointor must really work 1 month and bam...pregnant. I better get myself one!

  4. Congrats!!! What a great Christmas present for you and your hub to enjoy!

  5. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!

  6. Oh my goodness I was getting nervous! My first positive pregnancy test ever was a false positive and it was awful! So glad they gave you the blood test results so fast :) pretty sure you cant be "barely pregnant" but as long as they got it figured out now lol. We live in a small town so I got an ultrasound right away and got to see his heartbeat on the very first day it would have been visible! Talk about perfect timing. By the way my first ultrasound was a vaginal u/s which I had never heard of and did not expect lol. I figure if you are upfront about rocket fuel I can share that tidbit just in case lol

  7. You're either pregnant or you're not.. and you are so that's great! I had 2 internal ultrasounds so you should probably get ready for those as well!

    I'm currently 16 weeks along and just today made the facebook announcement. We waited until around 8 weeks to tell my parents and 12 to tell the in-laws (my sister in law is due 4 days before me and we wanted to tell together). I waited until 14 weeks to tell my job. It was just really nice having a "secret" and only telling a few people at a time so I definitely understand!

    Also, as I'm sure you know, if you don't love your doctor, change! I changed to a different practice (that uses a better hospital and has a MUCH lower c-section rate) and I feel so much better.

  8. Wow, I would have NOT been happy with that nurse, either. I am SUCH a worry-wort, and I can only imagine how I'd be in that situation!
    Glad all is well, though. =) So exciting!

  9. Congratulations!! Don't worry - your numbers sound great. My first number with my older son was 12 and and my first number with my now 3 week old was 11! They couldn't believe I'd even tested positive at home!

  10. That is awesome!! I got my good news two days before you and had my blood test last Friday. I can't wait to follow along on your journey. It is still so weird for me and I can't hardly believe it. My husband's found out this weekend and my parents will on Thursday. I am so excited!!

  11. Glad all is going well and kudos to you for keeping it a secret!

  12. Glad all is well! I am so excited to ride this journey with you!! :) CONGRATS again! And I would not have been happy with Miss Nurse either! :P

  13. Congrats! Your celebration dinner definitely looked so good. Can't wait to read more about your journey of being pregnant!

  14. Congratulations!! So, so happy for you! Enjoy every moment....even the bloated, yucky ones. And hopefully there won't be too many of those for you! : ) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Barely pregnant? That's a new one! What she probably meant to say was you're in the very early stages of pregnancy:)

    I just wanted to say make sure you really like your OB, that's so important. I loved mine but when I had my 3rd his obnoxious brother had joined his practice, who I despised!!! Nothing worse than having someone who repulses you down in your girly parts...blech!!!

  16. That's so weird that their test didn't show a positive when the HCG was over 100! My first HCG draw was 33, so you're even "more barely pregnant" than I was!

    I had a similar situation with the OB, too, my awesome one stopped practicing Obstetrics and just did Gynecology. Oh well, I ended up liking my new doctor, too, but it's always something!

    Enjoy this Christmas as a pregnant lady!

  17. So Awesome!!! Very happy for you and very excited to find out your real identity! Congrats again!!! :)

  18. yikes what stress! but congratulations in the end!!!

  19. So so so happy for you!! CAN'T WAIT to find out who you are!!!!!!!!! Congratulations again!!

  20. Congratulations girl!!!!!!! I am 99.9999% sure I know who you are and I'm super happy for you guys! Can't wait to read more details to come!

  21. Awww yayyyyyy!!!! This is such a fabulous Christmas present! I am sooo excited for you two! Congratulations!!!


  22. cheez how stressful. How insensitive of the nurse to say those words, too. She probably sees women like you 10+ per day so I guess she's burnt out on the whole "good news" thing. Cudos for not letting it get to you sort of. She has no clue what you've been through emotionally, so don't take it personally. And like one of the women above said, if you don't feel comfortable with your new doctor - change, otherwise it will add to the stress of the whole thing.

  23. Oh my goodness!! That would have mad me so mad at the doc's office!! AH! But I am so happy for you that the blood test was positive!! YAY!!!

  24. YAY!!! VERY VERY excited for you!!!! :)

  25. I am a new follower and just wanted to say Congrats! What a wonderful Christmas present!

  26. Congratulations! I found out two years (2008) ago on Christmas Eve that we were expecting our first baby. I hadn't planned on telling until around 12 weeks or after the first ultrasound to tell anyone, but we were so excited we just couldn't hold it in! We went ahead and told our immediate families and closest friends but waited to tell anyone else! We made a video that we called our "digital Christmas card", which wasn't out of the ordinary if you know my husband! We stood in front of our Christmas tree and said Me: Merry Christmas. Nick: From our family to yours. Us: From all three of us. I held out the pg test that said "pregnant" and the camera zoomed in on it (we had a remote control to work it). We showed it to my parent's first (on Chrismtas Eve) and his family next. On Christmas Day we showed it to the rest of my family. We got lots of screams and great reactions! It was perfect!!! I hope your revealing goes just as well and you remember the moment forever!!! Congratulations!!!!

  27. Congratulations!! That is so exciting and wonderful!! What an amazing Christmas gift!! I know how you feel with the "barely pregnant" comment, I was in that boat as well and just had our 8 week appointment last wednesday! I'm 9 weeks now and it's starting to feel more real but waiting for that first 8 week ultrasound was really tough!! I wish you all the best!! Merry Christmas!!

  28. Congratulations!!! I have been checking almost daily until the last week when I've completely been off the internet while I was on a cruise and then with family for Christmas. I remembered to check back in on the day after Christmas and look what you've been up to! (I feel you're like the watched kettle that never boils, except I know that you and plenty of others have been diligently watching!) Very happy for you and praying for a healthy pregnancy!

  29. congrats sweetie!

    We have been praying for your guys!

    PRAISE GOD!!!!