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Monday, December 6, 2010

lighter fluid or rocket fuel?



I’m really not an overachiever, but count me in when it comes to baby-making.

{Okay, I’ve never achieved a pregnancy yet, but this next part is pretty fun anyway.}


On the last post I told you I had officially hit the “high days” with the new Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and I was still waiting to see a “Peak Day”.


I was right on target with the picture on the box again – because day 15 came, and to my excitement – PEAK!!!

On that SAME DAY, I almost ended up not testing. You see, I prefer to pee in a cup and dip the stick. The monitor allows you the choice to test mid-stream if you like, which I tried a few times and it seemed to, ummmmmmm… splash.

Disgusting. Until day 15, when I sat the cup-o-pee on the bathroom floor to dip in and ended up spilling it on the tile and the rug. Now THAT is ridiculously MORE gross than splashing.

To top it all off, I hadn’t even dipped the stick yet. I quickly turned the cup right side up, in which there was only a tiny amount of pee left. Apparently, it was still just enough because I got my peak! Thank goodness I didn’t have to skip that day…


For anyone wondering, I got 4 high fertility days starting on day 11, days 15 and 16 were peak fertility days, back down to “high” on day 17 and now back to low fertility.

Let the two week wait commence!!

A nice bonus: everyone says the monitor usually makes you use 20 sticks the first cycle and only 10 on each cycle thereafter. The test sticks run around $50 for 30 – not so cheap, eh? I only had to use 10 on this first cycle, days 6-15. I suppose I ovulated early enough for it not to require anymore, because it hasn’t been asking for one. Thanks for saving me a couple buck safter spending a small fortune on you, Clearblue Easy!!

I like to picture the blinking sign I see each morning when I turn it on and it’s asking for a pee-drenched test stick as it saying “Feed me! FEED ME!!”. You gotta have some fun, right?


I was excited to get 6 days of warning of high/peak fertility. We took advantage of every other day. {TMI – I know… and there’s more coming.} In my case, I don’t see that it told me anything new except confirmed what I believed to be fertile days, which is still a very nice peace of mind and a nice break from temperature charting.

You see, I seem to produce copious amounts of… I hate the technical term for this so I made up my own… lighter fluid.

We’re talking about cervical fluid/mucous. I switch between calling it rocket fuel and lighter fluid. Either way, it’s the right type of fluid to rocket those spermies to their desired destination at lightening speed… catch my drift?

I start producing rocket fuel at least a week ahead of time and it slowly increases to BAM!… BABY TIME! At that point, I really know and there’s no denying the threshold is ready. I am thankful for this ability at least, since I’ve read so many gals are low on the rocket fuel.

I noticed it for the first time this cycle the day before I got my first “high fertility” reading on the monitor, so my intuition is right on track which leads me to this: If I’ve been on track with my fertile days and doing the baby dance on time these past months… WHY THE HECK AREN’T I PREGNANT YET AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME/HUBS?!

It seems to me I read somewhere about lighter fluid that was too thick and people used Mucinex {guaifenesin} to thin it – just like the mucous secretions it thins in your lungs to let you cough all that nasty stuff up.


My question is – how would you know if it was too thick and needed a little Mucinex to help things along? I haven’t googled this question yet, just started thinking about it and only had just enough energy left tonight to type this post up before bed.

On the bright side – my breasts are sore and my uterus is crampy. It’s far too early for this to be a sign of anything, but it does leave me hopeful =)

And we all know that hope can fuel a person for years…


  1. Hopefully those are two VERY good signs!!! :) I'll be thinkin' about you!

  2. I hope that this is your month for getting pregnant!!

  3. Hope can move mountains, I know first hand.

    Praying-fingers crossed-hoping for a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!! What a Christmas gift that would be!

  4. Oh my goodness, I have been following your blog for a while but this post had my husband curious because I was literaly laughing out loud so much! I always get excited when I see updates from you because I just know one day it will be you sharing your exciting news! =)

  5. I am so glad the monitor is helping! I have gone through a couple cycles of fertility treatments and they tested my "rocket fuel" If yours is too thick it can be hard for the little guys to swim or if it is acidic it can kill them off. I'm not sure how to test it on your own though. Hopefully you won't have too :) I'm praying for you!

  6. SO excited for you!! I really hope this is it!!

  7. Loved reading this post, so funny!! Good luck catching the egg, I hope this is your BFP month!!