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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the two week wait


I have SO MUCH to tell you about!

With the holidays, celebrations, parties, news of A BABY ON THE WAY, and then the inevitable…. work, it doesn’t leave much time for the blog. I think of the things I want to document during this precious time in our lives and even though I desperately want to go back to bed for a mid-afternoon nap after getting 11 hours of sleep last night =), I must put some of these thoughts down before they leave my tiny little brain forever.

Some people said they wanted to hear about the whole “two week wait”, which is great cause hey, I LOVE to overshare. I live for it. I’m sincerely glad you indulge me by reading my need for TMI.

For those who have not been caught up in the journey that is trying to conceive a human being – the “two week wait” is the time between ovulation and knowing whether you succeeded with a postive HPT or… dumm dumm dumm the dreaded red.

We tried for 5 months and I was just beginning to think that every two week wait would end with the dreaded red. This past magical month was no different. I thought the month I conceived, I would know.

I didn’t.

My symptoms?

Next to not even noticeable.

I even proclaimed I was feeling quite PMS-y to the hubs and that today was not the day to annoy me for fun. I had taken a pregnancy test that morning, day 10 post ovulation, and it was negative. I have to say I expected it to be but I was hoping it wasn’t. I had a day off and I sulked all day while feeling quite extremely sleepy and just plain blue.

I must admit, being extremely sleepy all day after sleeping in and accomplishing next to nothing during the day, should probably count as a symptom. It was a little on the odd side.

Another near possible symptom: my breasts did hurt ever so slightly, but nothing out of the norm for the week of my period.

AND it’s worth mentioning that I had a strange feeling in what I thought was my bladder when I went to tinkle a couple times that week, which I’m now realizing was my uterus, not my bladder =)

Other than that – NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL. Nothing to run to the grocery store to get a HPT for, nothing to get worked up over as I had in previous months when I thought I was having tons of “pregnancy symptoms”. It was surprisingly nonchalant, and really SURPRISINGLY, I was pregnant!

Since that time, now at 5 weeks 4 days pregnant, nothing has really changed. The bosoms still hurt, but not the horrific pain I’ve heard others describe. They do not hurt all the way to my arm-pit like I had been told to look for and I really only feel pain when prodding them to make sure they still hurt =)

I had lots of cramping after the positive test, some a bit like period cramping, some not. But none as bad as an actual period. The specific cramp that is different from anything I’ve felt before – which I previously thought was my bladder(!) – still continues on. It’s not a pain at all, just a feeling that makes me smile to know something magical is going on down there.

{I’m trying desperately hard not to think any pain or cramp is a bad sign. I can easily “go there”, get scared, panicked, stressed – but what’s the use. I will be optimistic and happy until told otherwise… or at least try.}

I haven’t had any more “blue” days like the one I thought was PMS, nor have I been moody {or at least no more than usual!} I have continued to be verrrrry sleepy. Functioning, but sleepy. It doesn’t help that I’ve been kicking coffee to the curb :( But I’ll do anything to give this little one a better chance of sticking!

{Confession: I did have the tiniest cup of coffee yesterday. A long Monday at work after the holiday frenzie-fest? It was very much pardoned by my guilt for the one day.}

As for queasiness, I had a complete day of utter dizziness on Christmas Eve. I had to work that day {boo!}. Add in the head spinning chaos every time I turned or crouched down, and I could have easily won the scrooge award for Christmas. Thankfully, so far, it’s been a one day thing. I haven’t had any more dizziness or nausea since and I am praying my good luck continues, though I know it’s still very early.

And the best for last – my BIGGEST symptom of pregnancy – the positive preggo tests I just can’t help peeing on as often as possible…



Of course, Husband does not understand this. He does not understand, after many positives and the big blood test confirmation, why I must continue to pee and dip.

My reasoning:

#1. They will expire eventually, so I can’t actually save them for the “next one”. Plus, these were cheap!

#2. It’s a great sign that things are going well when they get progressively darker – which means my HCG levels are increasing.

#3. Finally: after so many negatives, it feels like just plain MAGIC to be able to make a test show a second line. I deserve to finally get my money’s worth out of these babies and add a little happiness to my day =)


I took one more test this morning, 24 days past ovulation {not shown} and it was the first to show the second line immediately without waiting for it to appear. Crazy, but it was very exciting. Only one test left! I’ll miss those little positive sticks so much when they’re gone ;)


  1. Too funny...the obsession to pee on a stick! That would be ME!!!!!!!!

    When will you reveal who you are??? :)

  2. You are way better than I was with the coffee! I had a small(ish) cup every morning whith each of my pregnencies, even though I am a paranoid hypochoncriac, because I am a true addict;)

  3. I love the obsessive stick peeing. Haha. I want to hear how you told the hubs! :)

  4. YAY!!!!!!! COngrats I'm so happy or yall!

  5. Ohhh, I was hoping you'd share how you told your hubby the big news!!!

  6. congrats! happy and healthy 9 months to you!


  7. I'm in about the same timeline as you, so it's been really fun to read your blog. I took my positive test on December 10th, but it was digital, so the "pregnant" disappeared at the end of the day. I was so sad, and wanted to keep seeing that wonderful word, that I took another one the next day. If I had more, I would keep taking them too. But that was all I had. :(

  8. I think its completely normal.... I am also one those that rented the baby beats so I could hear Timothy's heartbeat in between appointments..I highly recommend it if you are crazy obsessed like I was! :)

  9. After 2 years of TTC I took 3 tests over the course of a weekend before I would LET myself believe it. After the third test I was like "I really am pregnant!" Hubs was like, "Well, duh! I believed the first one!"

  10. ahhhhhh!!! Congratulations! I have been waiting for this post!

  11. i just stumbled across your blog.... so similar to one i started a few months ago! i'm still waiting on my positive test, but i've gotten a lot of hope from reading your posts! congratulations to you and your husband! hopefully i will join the club soon!

  12. Hey! I'm a new follower and I am so excited to follow you on this journey!

  13. What a fab story! So happy for you guys!

  14. My nausea kicked in right between weeks 5 and 6. Here's hoping it's not too bad for you! I am 8 weeks and 5 days today... Just a few weeks ahead of you. :)

  15. I've been following for awhile, but not sure if I've commented. Congrats first of all!! What a wonderful Christmas gift :) Second, everyones symptoms and pregnancy is different, so take opinions with a grain of salt :) Glad you are feeling good for the most part, hopefully it will continue that way! Don't feel bad about the caffeine! I was so strict on myself about it, wouldn't have any while I was pregnant, then I went to nursing, and I just could NOT go without a little something every now and again, and you know what, it didn't do a darn thing! haha, it's normal to be overly cautious though. Just enjoy being pregnant, it goes by far too quickly!

  16. I was also a compulsive test taker. I believe I took 8 :) Congratulations!!!

  17. Love you blog! Entering my THIRD trimester, so I remember all of this! I felt great until around week 7 or 8 - then constand nausea until week 14. It slacked, but never really went away for a WHILE. Enjoy every second! I considered every symptom a sign from my little angel that she was doing well, and she was and is:)

  18. I am with ya on the obsessive test taking...I took 7 & kept them all! It was so fun to finally get a positive! Congrats!

  19. I took a ton of test too - in fact the dollar store clerk made fun of me.

    I also had the cramping - that scared me, but my bestie who already had two children gave me great advice. If you aren't bleeding don't worry. If you do spot - it is also most likely nothing. That baby is just trying to make room!